Everything a climber needs for hangboard training in one handy application.


Voice guided trainings that you can return to easily.


Voice guidance

Instructions and countdown are all vocal, to allow you to fully concentrate on your practice. There are two soothing voices for you to choose from.

Smart pause

In case of any interruption of your exercise - incoming calls or so - the ongoing training will just pause. Or you can pause the guidance purposely, with one touch of a phone screen.

Intuitive interface

Fingy is as practical as visually pleasing to use. Simple navigation, earthy colours and noticeable controls for you to just glide through effortlessly.


Your own training statistics in context of the community´s.


Training diary

Complex overview of your finished trainings is orderly sorted in a calendar, where each training is presented together with essential data and your own noted comments.


Based on your age or your progress, Fingy is able to present you progress in context. You are able to see how quickly you are getting better within the community.


Receiving badges for your progress might be the right motivation for you. Complete your series and discover the hidden rewards. Like - have you ever try to exercise after midnight?


Download the trainings you like, create your own and share them.


Training repository

Our collection of trainings is large and continuously growing. As there are many levels of difficulty, you can always find the training fitting your needs.

Detailed training info

To make it easier for you to search for and find the most appropriate training, we put a lot of effort into marking and describing all of them accurately.

Create training

Whenever you need to work on your technique outside the collection of Fingy trainings, you can create your own - in minutes. Create them and send them to your friends or share them with our community.

Comfortable interface

Fingy is comfortable to use.
See for yourself.

Training list

Jump into added or created training right form the default screen, no need to linger.

Supported boards

Our large collection of training boards is constantly expanding.

Beastmaker 1000
Beastmaker 2000
Crusher Megarail
eGUrre Hangboard
Power Ant Mini
Strong Ant III
Wood Grips Compact II
Wood Grips Deluxe II
Unlimited Board
WhiteOak Hangboard
WhiteOak Portable
Workshop 19/50 Ergo
Metolius Simulator 3D
2Climb Crimp Travel
2Climb Crux
2Climb Gamechanger
Metolius Project
Zlagboard Pro 2.0
Linebreaker BASE
Kraxlboard Rock
Balkna Summit