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Our Story

Fingy arrived as a training guide for climbers, who strive to prepare for the rocks - as much as we do.

Fingy was created in the heart of a rock climbing paradise, surrounded by the scenery of sandstone cliffs. We live and work amid the biggest sandstone canyon in Europe, Elbe Valley.

Rock climbing has its long tradition here and the community of climbers is large, thanks to which we receive a lot of relevant feedback on Fingy. Our office is located thirty minutes away from thousands of climbing paths and hundreds of boulders, as well as many indoor climbing options.

Train with the experienced

We learn from the most experienced climbers in Europe and we wish the same for you.

Edita Vopatová (27) is our ambassador. She belongs to the greatest climbers in Czech Republic and in Europe. Her toughest climbs belong in 9/10 UIAA category.

Edita found - and is currently leading - climbing school called Easy Climbing. Settled in the mountains, they teach rock climbing to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

What does it mean to be “fingy”?

Fingy is an english adjective describing a climbing problem too difficult for a climber to hold on to or go over.

Fingy [’f:ngy’] - adjective.

1, If there is a climbing problem (boulder, crux) too difficult for fingers to hold on to and thus requires for the climber to train.

2, When a climber has great strength in his/her fingers, than he/she is called a “fingy climber”.